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Automotive fuel industry

Vacuum chamber helium leak detection and recovery system for fuel filling tube

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Product application
It is mainly used in automobile metal oil tank, plastic oil tank, oil filling pipe, oil cooler and other products. The wall thickness of the tested product is very thin, so the internal and external pressure difference should be considered, and the vacuum box and workpiece should be vacuumized simultaneously.
Main technical parameters reference
Detection accuracy: 1 * 10-6pa.m3/s;
Detection beat: 40s-120s / piece;
Inner cavity size of vacuum chamber: customized according to the shape and size of the workpiece to be inspected;
Method of vacuumizing and filling helium: vacuum chamber and workpiece are vacuumized and filled with helium synchronously;
Door opening mode: left and right sliding door, pull door type, etc;
Leak detection features: three levels of leak detection technology, including large leak detection, medium leak detection and micro leakage detection, can detect the overall leakage rate and find the leakage point;
Helium recovery rate: more than 98%. The helium recovery rate is greatly improved by using low-pressure helium replenishment and seal upgrading;
Control mode: PLC control, touch screen operation;
Degree of automation: after manually connecting the workpiece, start the equipment: open and close the door, vacuum synchronously, fill helium, detect and recover automatically;
Security protection: grating protection, built-in safety switch, electrical interlock, level password control, sound and light alarm.

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