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Helium mass spectrometer leak detector

Helium mass spectrometer leak detector

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Product application
A100 helium mass spectrometer leak detector

Application industry
Widely used in scientific research institutes, aerospace, power lithium batteries, valves, precision instruments, mechanical processing, power, semiconductor, photovoltaic, vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment and other industries with high precision leak detection.

Function description and advantages
Support positive pressure leak detection and negative pressure leak detection
Automatic background tracking provides fast and reliable measurement results
Optimized mass spectrometry system and intelligent algorithm ensure fast response at all ranges
High reliability vacuum system and mass spectrometry system ensure rapid helium removal
Support nitrogen to break through the air, free from the interference of environmental helium, quickly reduce the background
Excellent performance of the machine supports 7 * 24 hours online test
The excellent performance of the machine supports high frequency testing every few seconds
Equipped with leak detection port fine filter to filter fine impurities to ensure that the machine is not affected and damaged by impurities
Double iridium wire ion source, effective system design, anti atmospheric impact.

Main technical parameters
Minimum detectable rate (negative pressure mode) 5 × 10-13pa · m3 / S
Minimum detectable rate (positive pressure mode) 1 × 10-8 PA · m3 / S
The maximum pressure of leak detection port is 1500pa
Response time < 1s
Starting time ≤ 3min
Overall dimension (w × D × h) 845 × 465 × 988.

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