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Helium filled leak recovery system

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Product application
It is mainly used in refrigeration unit, electric casting / shell, aircraft fuel tank and other products. It is usually used with suction gun leak detector or vacuum chamber type helium detector. It is mainly used for helium recovery.
Main technical parameters reference
Detection accuracy: 1 * 10-6pa.m3/s, or 2G / year, or annual leakage rate of 0.1%;
Working time: 20s ~ 60min / piece, according to the volume of the workpiece;
Helium recovery rate: more than 98%. The helium recovery rate is greatly improved by using low-pressure helium replenishment and seal upgrading;
Control mode: PLC control, touch screen operation;
Degree of automation: after manually connecting the workpiece, start the equipment: vacuumizing, helium filling, recovery and automatic completion;
Security protection: electrical interlock, level password control, sound and light alarm, etc.

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