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Vacuum chamber helium leak detection and recovery system

Vacuum chamber helium leak detection and recovery system (helium in the chamber)

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Schematic diagram of system principle

Basic functions (optional for some functions)
1. Test the pressure strength and large leakage tightness of the workpiece to be inspected by filling it with high-pressure nitrogen or compressed air;
2. Vacuum the workpiece to be inspected;
3. Fill helium into the workpiece to be inspected;
4. Vacuum chamber helium mass spectrometry is used to automatically judge whether the leakage rate of the workpiece is qualified or not;
5. Recover and recycle helium;
6. PLC control, touch screen operation, automatic detection.
Main parameters and advantages
1. Three level leakage detection technology: large leakage detection, medium leakage detection and micro leakage detection step by step;
2. Zero suppression of helium background ensures the accuracy and high precision of leak detection;
3. Helium cleaning system: the unique three-stage helium cleaning technology can quickly and effectively remove the excessive helium background and ensure the stability and accuracy of detection;
4. Real time monitoring of helium concentration: real time monitoring of helium pressure and concentration ensures the accuracy of workpiece detection;
5. High recovery rate of helium: the helium recovery rate is greatly improved by using low-pressure helium replenishment and seal upgrading;
6. Detection efficiency: it can detect multiple workpieces at the same time;
7. Joint sealing: professional customized sealing joint, stable and reliable, reducing misjudgment;
8. Human machine interface: touch screen displays real-time monitoring data and operation parameters, and the monitoring is clear at a glance;
9. Security protection: grating protection, electrical interlock protection, level password control, sound and light alarm.

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