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Helium leak detection system with suction gun method

Helium leak detection system with suction gun method

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basic function
1. The inner cavity of the workpiece to be inspected is filled with high-pressure nitrogen or compressed air, and the gas is inflated to detect large leakage;
2. Empty the inner cavity of the workpiece to be inspected;
3. The inner cavity of the inspected workpiece is filled with helium;
4 use the suction gun to detect the leakage of the workpiece by suction method, and judge whether the leakage rate of the workpiece is qualified.
5. Recycle helium in the workpiece;
6 can be used in the process of using the concentration of unqualified workpieces for purification (optional function).
Main parameters and advantages
1. Main functions: gas leak detection, evacuation, helium filling, gun leak detection and recovery;
2. Real time monitoring of helium concentration: real time monitoring of helium pressure and concentration ensures the accuracy of workpiece detection;
3. High recovery rate of helium: the helium recovery rate is greatly improved by using low-pressure helium replenishment and seal upgrading;
4. Human machine interface: touch screen displays real-time monitoring data and operation parameters, and the monitoring is clear at a glance;
5. Security protection: grating protection, electrical interlock protection, level password control, sound and light alarm.

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